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I desire mercy not sacrifice

Go and learn what this means, I desire mercy and not sacrifice. For I came not to call the righteous but the sinners.” (Mt 9:13)

In this Year of Mercy let us celebrate the Divine Mercy Feast with its due solemnity. Almost all human miseries will be eradicated through the celebration of the Divine Mercy Feast.

First justice then mercy:- First of all the Justice of God will be executed. Then His mercy will be granted if we ask for it. For example in the parable of the unforgiving servant, the master initially asked the servant to give back all the money that he owed. That is justice. The servant said “I do not have it.” Then the master said, “Sell your wife and children and pay back my money.” Then he cried and asked for mercy. The master forfeited the loan and freed him. Those who ask for mercy will receive it. If you do not ask, you will not receive it.

But after having received mercy, if you do not show mercy and compassion to others, you might not be able to remain in the mercy of God for long. This is explained in the second part of the parable. The forgiven servant met his fellow worker and asked his due. The fellow servant didn’t have it. He tortured him and put him in prison.

The master heard of it from the other servants and asked the forgiven servant to pay back what he had cancelled. And the master put him in prison until he paid the last penny. (Mt. 18:23-35) Therefore to remain in God’s mercy we have to be merciful to all around the world. “... Be merciful as my Father in Heaven is merciful.” ( Lk. 6: 36)

How to be merciful?

One can be merciful through prayer and work.

What kind of prayer and work?

The prayer can be Divine Mercy Chaplet and work is works of charity. Therefore please say the chaplet daily to get mercy from God. If not, the justice of God will be executed. Divine mercy chaplet is a prayer asking for God’s mercy unceasingly.

One child came from Mumbai to attend a retreat in Logos last month. He was suffering from a brain tumor. He was operated upon thrice in one of the hospitals in Mumbai. The fourth time too, the tumor developed to its original size. As the surgeon said, The fourth surgery was not possible said the surgeon. So the child came to Logos along with his parents to attend a five day residential retreat. After the retreat he went back to Mumbai and checked once again with the same doctor. The doctor asked, “What kind of medicine have you been taking in Bangalore? Your tumor has disappeared.” The boy said, “DMC tablet.” The doctor asked, “What it is? I have never heard of it.” Then the boy replied that, “It is the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Please suggest it to all incurables that are undergoing treatment.” When we ask for mercy we will get it. Through the mercy of God all our intentions will be fulfilled.

What is the ABC of Divine mercy?

A - Ask for mercy

B - Be merciful to all

C- Completely trust the Lord.

Ask for mercy - we have to say the divine mercy rosary every day without fail at 3 pm or any convenient time.

Be merciful to all by doing the 7 corporal works of mercy and the 7 spiritual works of mercy.

And then Completely trust in Jesus Christ - the most merciful One.

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