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Anointing of the Holy Spirit

“And behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you; but stay in the city, until you are clothed with power from on high” (Lk 24:49). Resurrected Jesus has already sent the Holy Spirit upon all and all have received it but all are not clothed with power. What does it mean? Being clothed with power means; the manifestation of the power of the Holy Spirit is visible in his/her ministry. Clothed with power is also known as anointing of the Holy Spirit or baptism in the Holy Spirit.

What is the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit and Anointing of the Holy Spirit?

The one who has received Holy Spirit is always without major manifestations but the one who is anointed remains always with mighty manifestations of the Hoy Spirit. There are nine manifestations such as gift of tongue, prophesy, interpretation, wisdom, knowledge, discerning the spirit, faith, healings and miracles (1Cor.12:8-12). These manifestations are also known as Charisms. Charisms are also gifts of the Holy Spirit but special gifts which are not given to all. In an anointed person at least one of these manifestations will be there. All those who have received baptism of water or atleast baptism of desire (YouCat 199) have received the Holy Spirit (Jn.20:23). But all of them have not received the power or anointing of the Holy Spirit which means they are not able to use any of the charisms. This is the difference between receiving the Holy Spirit and anointing by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Why does God anoint someone with manifestations? God anoints someone to do some special work in His church. All catholic priests are anointed because they have to do some specific work in the church. Therefore they have been bestowed with special gifts which are grafted to them. “…by the ordination the transforming power, healing power and saving power of Jesus are grafted to all catholic priests…” (You cat 250).

The anointing can be explained through an example of a breeze. When some mass of air moves slowly we call it as a breeze, when it increases its velocity, it can be called as wind, when wind increases its power and velocity it can be called as storm, when storm increases its power and vigour, it can be called as hurricane and finally hurricane can be termed as cyclone. The manifestation, effect and power of cyclone are entirely different from the effect and power of a breeze. But the presence and movement of the air is common in all these phenomenon. In the same way all have received the Holy Spirit and all those who have been anointed by the Holy Spirit have different experiences. The presence of the Holy Spirit as breeze is there in all whose who are baptized by water or by desire but quite often manifestations may not be there (CCC Compendium 265). All those who have at least one of the manifestations of the Spirit are called Charismatics because they have charisms. Therefore all have a personal choice and vocation to make the presence of the Holy Spirit in them as a cyclone of the Holy Ghost through their prayer and personal effort. King Solomon said that though all have same origin as he had but the anointing came upon him made a different person (Wis. 7:7).

That chance of anointing is opened in the first Pentecost in Jerusalem. Manifestations of the Spirit happened as cyclone and fire with big sound (Acts 2: 1-4). These 120 people who already received the Holy Spirit also received anointing of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost day. Then manifestations or charisms were attached to their ministries.

What is charism? ‘…Charism is also gift of the Holy Spirit but not ordinary but extraordinary gift which is bestowed on individuals for common good, to help other individuals and to help the nation and above all it is for the building up of the Church. The use of the charism is under the due discretion of the magisterium because charism is given to individuals for the church…’ (CCC compendium 160). And also one should be aware that charisms are not toys for personal use but they are tools for evangelization.

How to receive this Anointing?

Through the oil of anointing: God said to Moses that how he should prepare the oil of anointing with four ingredients such as fine liquid myrrh weighing five hundred shekels, cinnamon weighing 250 shekels, cane 250 shekels and cassia 500 shekels and a hin of olive oil. Moses had to anoint the priests and sacred vessels with this oil. All those who touch the anointed person or objects will become holy (Ex 30:23-33). Ordinary people have no chance to be anointed by this oil nor are they allowed to prepare it. If they do it they will be excommunicated. But people will be anointed through the anointed priests or objects.

What are the functions of the ingredients of the holy oil? Myrrh is for relief of pain, cinnamon is for flavor, cane is for joy and cassia is for hunger. Cane is an aromatic plant in the Middle East. People used to keep the leaves of aromatic cane in their bed rooms for good fragrance. The smell of cane gives joy in the mind of the people. Cassia is a plant which is widely seen in the Middle East and East African countries. People used to eat the leaves of cassia for digestion after a heavy meal. Food will be digested soon and they will have hunger for one more meals. All those who have been anointed will have relief of pain, full of flavor and good taste in their life, above all they will be filled with joy and have hunger for the word of God.

Through the holy gatherings with the unity of hearts and mind: Ps 133 says that through the gathering of the people of God they will get the effect of the use of the oil of anointing. Therefore Heb 10:25 warns the people that they should not bunk the Sunday gatherings.

By faith in Christ Jesus: Jn 7:37-39 says that when you believe in Christ Jesus you will have the experience of something overflowing form your heart. Rivers of living water will overflow from their heart. Automatically this anointing will be shared by all in their family too Acts 2:38. This anointing that they have received through faith in Christ will save their families Acts 16:31. Therefore it is your mistake that If your family is not saved. Because you are not anointed.

Through sacraments: Church gives the Holy Spirit to her children through the sacraments (CCC compendium 146).

Once you have either received the Holy Spirit or been anointed by the spirit you have a great responsibly to rekindle it and make it as a cyclone or make it as a Pentecost in you, because on Pentecost onwards the believers started using charisms effectively and powerfully. The following are the nine ways to rekindle the Holy Spirit.

Nine Ways to Rekindle the Holy Spirit

  1. Repentance: Jesus said “Repent and believe in the good news then you will enter into the kingdom of God”. Kingdom of God means a life which is guided by the Holy Spirit. Ongoing repentance is needed for ongoing anointing. All those who repent will not have any punishment (CCC 1472).

  2. Reconciliation: Peter said to Simon (Acts 8:21-23) unless you repent and make yourself free from hatred and wickedness you will not have any share in the gift of the Holy Spirit. A mind which is totally freed from hatred and reconciled with God and people will have an ongoing anointing.

  3. Faith in Jesus: As Jesus said in Jn 7:37-39 “Out of the believer’s heart, rivers of living water will overflow. Acts 2: 38-39 says that you and your children and all who are afar will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit if you repent and receive baptism in the name of Jesus”. Jn 1:12 says that all those who receive Him and believe in Him are empowered to become the children of God. Children of God have always the right to have anointing of the Holy Spirit. All those who believe in Christ Jesus are messianic people and they have the privilege to have an ongoing anointing in them because the Holy Spirit remains permanently in messiah and messianic people.

  4. Prayer: Lk 11:11-13 “How much more will the Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him”. CCC compendium 534 says that prayer is a relationship with God. All those who have good relationship with God through constant prayer will have the rekindling of the Holy Spirit in them.

  5. Word of God and Magisterium of the Church: In Acts 10:44-48 people are baptized when they heard the word of God. Jn: 20:30 says that many things which are not seen in the Bible are seen in the tradition of the Church. Therefore interpret the word of God according to the tradition and teaching of the Church (CCC compendium 19). All those who study the word of God according to the magisterium of the church will have the rekindling of the Holy Spirit.

  6. Sacraments: Especially Mass and confession. When Jesus received baptism He was filled with the Holy Spirit (Lk: 3:21). When Saul received an anointing with oil he was filled with the Holy Spirit (1Samuel 10:1) and 1Samuel 16:13 says that David also received mighty anointing when the oil poured on his head. CCC compendium 146 says that church gives the Holy Spirit to her believers through the sacraments. Therefore it is very difficult to have the rekindling of the Holy Spirit without having frequent reception of the sacraments.

  7. Practicing mercy and compassion: Lk 6 :36 says that be merciful as your heavenly father is merciful and also Mt 5:7: says that all those who have mercy will receive mercy from God. St. Faustina said in her diary that you will get supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit if you are merciful in action and prayer. Therefore practicing mercy and compassion is an essential component to have the rekindling of the Holy Spirit.

  8. Receiving the laying on of hands: Samaritans and Ephesians were filled with Holy Spirit when they received laying on of hands by the Apostles( Acts 8:17 & 19:6). CCC compendium 265 and 2 Tim 1:6 say that people of God receive mighty anointing through the laying on of hands.

  9. Sufferings: Lk 12:50 says that Jesus felt anguish till He received another baptism. That He says about His suffering. 2Cor.12:9 says about some kind of joy in suffering and St. Paul exulted in it because the power of Christ and gift of revelation rests upon him through the suffering. Sufferings are not from God but from your enemy Satan and sin. But all sufferings will be transformed into good for those who love God Rom 8:28. Suffering is a way to attain the power of the Holy Spirit Col 1:24 and Heb 12:5-6 says about chastisement as a preparation for the anointing. CCC compendium 314, 72 & 58 say that God does not give suffering but only allows it and brings good out of evil as it is written in the diary of Faustina D 431& CCC 312.

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