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Can you crucify Jesus again?

Have you ever crucified Jesus? (Heb 6:6) “And then have fallen away, sin on their own therefore crucifying again the son of God and holding him up to contempt” How is this possible? Jesus has no material body after his resurrection; he has assumed a resurrected body, and then how can someone crucify the resurrected body of Jesus by committing sin and remaining in it. But this is the truth that someone who lives in sin has already crucified Jesus.

All parents have a strong desire that their children should enjoy everything that they have earned for them. A certain father had a very intelligent son, and he sent him for higher education at an esteemed University. The son completed his doctorate with Suma Cum Laude. Meanwhile the father had already constructed a bungalow for him and purchased an estate for his use. This dad had great expectations from his son that he would take charge of all his assets, settle down in marriage and be happy and joyful.

On the contrary, when the son returned, the dad came to know that his beloved son had gone astray - was addicted to drugs and was also involved in drug trafficking. On returning home, the cop arrested the son and sentenced to life imprisonment. The heart broken father went to the prison to visit his beloved son, only to see the apple of his eyes lying on the floor of the prison cell. The dad exclaimed, “My son you have crucified me!!"

In the same way Jesus has already prepared- an eternal kingdom for us, not merely an estate; paradise for us not just a bungalow. And above all, he has healed and redeemed us by His wounds (1Pet 2:24). But, the one who is in sin is a salve to sin (Jn 8:34). A slave is not entitled to enjoy the benefits of his master, nor will he inherit a dime of his master’s house. Similarly if we are in sin, we cannot enjoy anything that Jesus has begotten for us, including physical healing, prosperity along with all other spiritual blessings. Seeing us in such a deplorable condition, Jesus is grieved and with a painful heart he says “My child I’ve suffered and died for you, only to bring you back to me, to enjoy the benefit of my suffering.”

And what has God prepared for us? Our eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, nor the heart conceived (1Cor2:9). Hence, if you do not enjoy spiritual and material wellness and on the contrary remain in the slavery of sin, it makes Jesus very painful. And Jesus says “My child, you have crucified me and denied my love.”

In the month of June we commemorate the great love of Jesus towards humanity through the SACRED HEART feast. Let us get away from our sins right now, reconcile with Jesus and his father so that we may enjoy peace and happiness of the kingdom of God in which our heavenly father reigns and his Son is glorified (Jn 15:11).

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