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Healing and Saving Power of the Divine Mercy Chaplet


Is there anybody who suffers chronic disease? Is there anybody at home as drunkards or drug addicts? Do you know somebody spoiling their body, life, family, finances and soul? There is a remedy! That is, one divine mercy chaplet in a day either in proxy or in person; which saves the one who sinks in life and career. Children of the chaplet will not perish. How it will work out? Following lines will give you the answer.


In Chennai, India, a certain boy named George Henry, 13-year-old boy living in Adayar, belonging to Annai Velankanni Parish, in Besant Nagar, came to me with a problem of white patches all over his body for 7 years. Medicine made his condition grow from bad to worse. I suggested him to recite the divine mercy chaplet for 9 continuous days at 3 pm. Exactly on the 9th day all his white patches disappeared.

One girl, who turned as street prostitute in New York, USA, came to Logos, India, together with her parents. She has no sense of sin and not interested in prayers. She considered prostitution as a normal profession as any other works, nothing wrong in it. But parents are so ashamed of it. She does not obey anybody. It is useless to advise her. I asked her parents, please offer a divine mercy chaplet for her daily as long as you are alive. Just pray the chaplet like this format- for the sake of Jesus’s sorrowful passion, Abba father have mercy on us and of the whole world and on our daughter. And they decided to do so lifelong. From my side, I consecrated her to the divine mercy Ark. When they reached New York, she lost interest in lust and she was freed from the spirit of whoredom. Divine mercy Chaplet is the best intercessory prayer in the world.

Human misery and sickness are an outcome of the original sin (CCC 1521, 2448)

The whole humanity originated from Adam and Eve, consequently there is a common ancestor for all human beings. The human race, which descended from the first parents, alienated from God through the sin of Adam and Eve. Hence, when a person is born of this humanity, inevitably comes under the dominion of the sin of Adam and Eve (CCC 404). Through the effect of the sin, Satan acquired a certain right of dominion over the whole humanity (CCC 407) and since the devil comes only to steal, kill and destroy (Jn. 10:10) he is in demand of human suffering, deprivation and death. God established some remedies to overcome it.

In order to avoid these anguish and sufferings of humans, God instituted something as a substitute for humans and their sufferings. Therefore, bloody sacrifices of sheep and other animals are considered as substitute of a person, who is in sufferings. In several places the Old Testament quotes descriptions of animal sacrifices and the suffering inflicted up on the animals as an alternative for human sufferings, which is the consequence of the first sin of Adam and Eve (CCC 2448). Finally, Jesus himself became a substitute of the fallen humanity (CCC 517). Through his sufferings and death, we are redeemed from our sufferings.

Sacrifices in the Bible

God himself killed two sheep and did the first animal sacrifice, in order to cloth Adam and Eve with garments made of leather (Gen. 3:21), that was the first initiated sacrifice by God for the redemption of Adam and Eve from the dominion of the evil one, because dominion of the evil one is the main cause of suffering in this world. Without bloodshed there is no forgiveness of sins (Heb. 9:22). Secondly, the sacrifice of Isaac was swapped by a lamb in the thicket (Gen. 22:13) in other words, Isaac was redeemed in exchange by the blood of the lamb. Thirdly the first male child of the Hebrews was redeemed and saved in exchange of the blood of the Pascal lamb (Ex. 12: 6-7, 13). Again, the Bible describes the lamb of atonement. On the Day of Atonement, two goats are to be selected for the forgiveness of sins of the Hebrews. One goat selected for God by lots and another for Azazel (Lev. 16: 8-10). Here the two goats are substitute for the community as a whole. In the New Testament, Jesus is the Lamb of God who carries the sins of the world (John 1:29) and this lamb is a ransom for all (Mt. 20:28, 1Tim. 2:6). Hence, Jesus is the redemption of all mankind. At the end of his earthly life, Jesus substituted the sacrificial Lamb by the breaking of the bread Mt. 26:26-30). According to the old covenant, immolation of an animal is a substitute for the redemption of the people, while in the new covenant breaking the bread is a substitute for all humanity. Symbolically all the animal sacrifices and the sacrifice of Jesus are re-enacted in the breaking of the bread. Hence, breaking the Eucharistic bread is redemption for all the humanity (CCC 1846). The priest is also considered as a lamb, because priest is another Christ. People confess their sins to a priest, and he carries the consequences of their sins in his body and transfers these consequences into the Eucharistic body by saying “This is my body, which is broken for you and this is the chalice of the new covenant which is poured out for the forgiveness of sins”. Through the breaking of the bread, the priest does penance for the forgiveness of sins of people. Every priest must do penance for his penitents (CCC 1468).

Divine Mercy Chaplet as a sacrifice

At last, Jesus revealed to St. Faustina in 1931, to tell the people, take the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus and offer it to the father for the forgiveness of sins of the world. Therefore, through the prayer of the divine mercy chaplet all the sacrifices in the Old Testament and New Testament are substituted except the Eucharist. The sacrifice of Jesus is a re-enacted by lay people through the Divine Mercy chaplet. Therefore, a prudent mind can take a conclusion that praying the Divine Mercy chaplet is an extraordinary substitute for the suffering of the human race. In the old testament lamb is a substitute for a man who is under the consequences of sin and suffering. In the new testament, Jesus is the substitute for a suffering man, for his redemption. And Eucharist is also considered as a means of redemption.

Divine Mercy Chaplet as a lamb-substitute for a suffering man

This lamb can be offered by all people, who have royal priesthood (1 Pet. 2:9). This divine mercy chaplet can be considered as a Divine Mercy Lamb, through this prayer, people of God re-enact all the sacrifices, which can be seen in the Old and New Testament. This lamb is the last sacrifice, which we are privileged to offer before the second coming of Jesus. Therefore St. John Paul II insisted all people to pray the divine mercy chaplet without any failure (Dives missericordia 13). Irrespective of caste or creed or religion, the Catholic Church encourages everyone to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet without fail and be redeemed from all sickness and sufferings in this world. Best time of this prayer is 3 pm.


I have seen people who are drug addicts, alcoholic, paralyzed, atheist and those who are hopeless, childless, autistics, hyper-active, financially broken, poor, and also people who are in desperate situations are saved and healed through the Divine Mercy Chaplet either praying in person or in proxy. Once St. Ambrose said to St. Monica, “son of tears will not perish”. Now I say to you the children of the chaplet will not perish. Please offer daily at least one chaplet in proxy for some one who is in deep problem and not able to pray. God will accept your chaplet as if that person prays to God and surely will save that person. If you are in a desperate situation, please offer a chaplet daily, then you will come out of it. Therefore, I recommend all of you to recite the divine mercy chaplet at least one in a day in proxy or in person. Then almost all your problems will be solved and you will be able to save almost all souls concerned. This prayer also can be recited as a family prayer. At the same time no one should forget the other aspects of the divine mercy prayer, I mean the ABC of the divine mercy. A means- ask for mercy (pray the Chaplet), B means - be merciful to all in action through 14 works of charity and C means- Completely trust in the Lord. “Jesus, I trust in your mercy”. Nothing is impossible with God (Lk.1:37) who is mercy and compassion (Ps. 145:18) and also nothing is impossible with persons who trust in the Mercy of God.

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