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Inner healing

Inner Healing is prayer and counsel for sanctification and transformation of one's life. It is a tool to mature His people. It is a process to help one to apply the crucified and resurrected life of Jesus Christ and His blood to the part of the heart that did not receive full healing. It is a tool to help one to live a life more effective and victorious in Christ. It is a tool to achieve freedom from bondage. It is a tool of prayer and counselling to make salvation effective in all dimensions of one's life and character. It is a tool to enable one to clean out the "inner chambers" where hurts, doubts, rejection and fears have been buried or stored because of being unable or unwilling to deal with them when they occurred.

Some Manifestations of Inner Wounds which prevent you to achieve something good in your life

  • Over Shyness

  • Fear, such as fear of exams, diseases, animals, reptiles & insects, consequences, people, wind, water, river, lake, thunder, ghost, demons, Satan, magicians, sorcerers, beggars, strangers, driving, swimming, diseases, bathing, normal sexual interactions, fear of opposite sex, teachers, children, elders, peer groups etc.,

  • Anxiety - Unnecessary worries of future consequences or unreasonable fears which are relatively permanent

  • Continuous sorrows and difficulties to overcome it

  • Feeling of loneliness - e.g., I have nobody, alone in the crowd etc.,

  • Phobia - that is baseless or unreasonable fear related to petty things such as difficulty to sit in a closed room, acrophobia, claustrophobia et.,

  • I am good for nothing (low self esteem)

  • Nobody loves me

  • All people hate me

  • No friends - all stand against me without any reason

  • Moody nature

  • Touch me character e.g., easily wounded by others(Hyper Sensitivity)

  • Inability to have socialization (unsocial)

  • Overconfidence

  • Lack of self confidence

  • Stage fright

  • Stammering

  • Psychosomatic diseases - e.g., though there is no bacterial or virus infection or birth defects but have symptoms of diseases in the body

  • All types of allergies e.g., Food, dust, dew, pollen, perfumes, cloth, gold, certain metals, cold water, cold weather, hot weather etc.,

  • Lack of communication skills

  • Forgetfulness

  • Symptoms of OCD and many psychological diseases and disorders

  • Involuntary sexual arousal syndrome

  • Sleeplessness, oversleeping or always feeling tired

  • Horrible dreams (nightmares)

  • Less concentration

  • Less memory

  • Although you work hard, you get poor marks or result

  • Eating disorders such as less eating (anorexia) or over eating

  • Inability to have interaction with children, partner and parents

  • Cherishing utopian ideas (unrealistic ideas)

  • Feelings of insecurity

Some Manifestations of the Inner Wounds that will lead you towards Sin

  • Temptations - when you consent you will be culpable CCC 2847

  • Depression will lead towards suicidal tendencies

  • Wrong fantasies

  • Suicidal tendency

  • Misunderstanding

  • Misinterpretation

  • Lack of trust in other people or always doubting people

  • Self Pity

  • Infatuations

  • Inordinate love towards animals and objects

  • Hot temper or bad temper and anger

Some Manifestations of the Inner Wounds which are sinful in nature

  • Jealousy

  • Pride

  • Hatred

  • Unforgiveness and broken relationship

  • Disobedience to God or magisterial teachings

  • Difficulty to pray - Prayerlessness is Sin

  • Difficulty to have faith in God - Rom 14:21

  • Slandering or gossip and spreading rumors

  • Hopelessness (Despair)

  • Difficulty to have repentance and conversion (no sorrow over past sins)

  • Boasting

  • Gambling, addiction to tobacco, alcohol and drugs

  • Sexual deviant behaviours such as Masturbation, bestiality, sexual cruelty, sadism, masochism, pedophilia, prostitution, pornography, womanising, polyandry, polygamy, concubinage, rape, peeping (voyeurism), lesbianism, homosexuality, exhibitionism, vulgarity, seduction, wearing revealing clothes, etc.,

  • Accusation

  • Self Justification

  • Violence or inflicting pain upon somebody

  • Gluttony

  • Laziness and postponing things

  • Blasphemy and blasphemous thoughts

  • Avarice or greed

  • Practicing black magic and witchcraft

  • Telling lies or psychological liars

  • Luxury and squandering money

  • Destroying properties

  • Robbery or stealing

  • Addictions to drugs, money, sex

  • Irresponsibility

  • Believing in Fatalism

  • Vandalism, atrocity, antisocial behaviors, terrorism, homicide, genocide, fighting and war, cruelty towards animals, etc.,

Reasons of Inner Wounds

  • Unloved experiences

  • Feelings of rejection

  • Trauma

  • Negative Feelings

  • Wounded Feelings

  • Ancestral causes/ parental causes

  • Diabolical causes


  • Walk along with Jesus towards the past stages of growth

  • Unconditional forgiveness

  • Inner healing adoration led by a person who has the gift of inner healing

  • Ongoing inner healing prayers

  • Deliverance and protection prayers

  • Infilling prayers

  • Praise

Inner Healing verses from the Bible

  1. Jn 14:1 - Let not your heart be troubled

  2. Ps 34:18 - God is near to the broken hearted

  3. 1 Pt 5:7 - Cast your anxiety unto Him

  4. Is 43:5 - Fear not I am with you

  5. Ps 27:10 - Even if your father and mother forsake you I will not

  6. Is 49:15 - Even if your mother forgets you I will not

  7. Mt 6:33 - Seek the kingdom of God first rest will be freely given

  8. Phil 4:13 - I can do everything in Christ who strengthens me

  9. Gal 2:20 - No longer I, but Christ is alive in me

  10. Mal 4:3 - When God works for me all demons will become dust under my feet

  11. Is 54:17 - No weapon will work against me, no slander will affect me

  12. CCC 370 - God is my perfect father and mother. He loves me

  13. Is 43:25 / Heb 8:12 - I will not remember your sins again

  14. Is 43:18 - Do not remember the former things or consider the things of old. I am going to do something new.

  15. Rom 8:28 - All things will be turned for your good if you love God.

Inner Healing Prayer

(Recommended Posture. Transfix your hands above your chest and hold them in the form of a cross about half a foot away from your chest.)

Moses put a piece of wood in bitter water; it was changed into sweet water. Similarly, the power of the Cross can change all our bitter memories and experiences into sweet ones. Imagine that white rays are radiating from the cross to your hearts, where all bitterness is stored up. These powerful rays bring the inner healing that you need.

Prayer: Jesus, you are the same yesterday, today and forever. Come into my yesterdays; into my wounded feelings and negative events to transform them for my favour and good. Jesus I pray over all these negative events that happened in my life and feelings such as rejection, unforgiveness, sorrows, fear, loneliness and failure etc. I pray over them all. Jesus! come into my bitter experiences and change them into sweet memories. I pray and forgive all who have offended me unjustly and bless them more than you bless me.

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