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Prayer makes difference in our life and sad situations

Prayer is a conscious, constant, conversation with almighty and that helps us to make an everlasting and intimate relationship with God. Therefore prayer is a relationship with God. This relationship makes difference in our outlook, insight, attitude, behavior and sad occurrences. God is waiting to interact in us to change everything for our favour (Rom 8.28). At the same time satan is also trying to interact in our life to make everything for our disfavor (CCCc 74). Through prayer we will have victory in this battle ie., victory over sin, sickness, suffering, satan and death (CCCc 313). So satan and his dominion makes our life a battlefield (CCC 409). God cannot change everything and anything for our favour because God is not an intruder into our personal freedom. If we do not give consent, God cannot interact in our lives. Therefore prayer is also an act of giving personal consent by asking to God to interact in our lives (Youcat 487). Therefore without asking to God, we may not get many things for our favour.

Forms and expressions of Prayers

There are six forms of prayers such as blessing, adoration, petition, intercession, thanksgiving and praise (CCCc 551-556). And also there are three expressions of prayer namely vocal prayers, meditation and contemplation (CCCc 569-571). We must apply all these forms and expressions in our daily prayers. That helps to maintain a healthy and joyful relationship with God who is our father and mother (CCC 370). It is not fair to break the relationship with the father and mother till the time of our death. Therefore prayer is a lifelong commitment.

Types of Prayers

There are six types of prayers that we see in the Bible. If one type of prayer is not answered, we have to apply other types of prayers simultaneously. Sometimes we have to apply all six types of prayers to get an answer of our prayer request. Following are the six types of prayers. First is personal prayer: Whatever you ask in my name I will give it to you (Jn 14:13). But the same Jesus says that all intentions may not be fulfilled by personal prayer alone. So Jesus gives the second type of prayer that is community prayer. It will be granted if two of you agree on something and pray (Mt.18:19). If our prayers are not answered through these two types, we have to ask our pastors to pray for our intentions (James 5:14). Through their prayers some more aspects of our intentions are also fulfilled but not all. Then go to the fourth type of prayer that is adoration. Come to me all of you are carrying heavy burden, I will give you rest and peace (Mt 11: 28). Through daily adoration many of our intentions will be fulfilled, which are not fulfilled through other types of prayers. If your intentions are not fully answered, then we may go for the next type prayer that is listening the word of God. Where the word of God is proclaimed there God gives all His blessings and gifts (CCC 75). That is the reason of having all types of healings and miracles in places where the word is proclaimed. After doing all these types of prayers if we have some more intentions which are unanswered, we have to apply the sixth type of prayer that is giving tithes and love offerings (Phili 4:16-19). When we give tithe and love offerings the all that we need will be supplied from heaven. Therefore giving tithe and love offering is also a means of getting answer of our prayers (2 Cor 9:8-10).


Prayer makes positive difference in our lives and sad situations. In our battle field we get victory by constant prayers. Therefore St. Paul says pray unceasingly, giving thanks for everything and rejoicing always. This is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus (1Thes 5:16-18). Therefore let us take a decision to pray until something happens and apply all forms and expressions along with six types of prayers. Then all your prayers will be answered in this New Year 2015. I wish you happy New Year and a year of constant prayer.

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