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I think Jesus intended SEP when he said “… I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you” (Mt. 5:44). What prayers is needed for our enemies? How to love our enemies? And how to bless them or save them. SEP is the answer.

It is clear that the Word of God is a mighty weapon against the fiery darts of the devil. ‘For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world and against spiritual wickedness in high places’ (Eph 6:12). We all are in some way or the other surrounded by enemies, both visible and invisible. This is what David felt, “those who are my foes without cause are mighty, and many are those who hate me wrongfully (Ps 69:4). Those who render me evil for good are my adversaries” (Psalm 38:18 - 19). Destroying those persons or killing them is also not good which is against the 5th Commandment but instead we should envelope those persons in a Spiritual Enclosure and save their souls from further destruction.

Spiritual Enclosure

We have to enclose our enemies in a separate spiritual realm (place) as Jesus did, Elisha did, St. Paul did and as Peter did. The Government also put the criminals in the jail – a civil term, which is an enclosure until they are transformed. Capital punishment is not good. It is anti-Biblical and is not advisable. These people who are very dangerous are put in an enclosure, which is called ‘Jail’ by the Government. To the believers, there is no spiritual jail but there is a Spiritual Enclosure for the criminals.

Jesus enclosed Saul into this into this enclosure and deprived of his faculty of sight for 3 days and out of Saul, Paul an Apostle of Jesus came out. Prophet Elisha enclosed a group of armies in a sense of blindness (2 Kg.6:18). After they were all transformed, they were sent back to their nation. Their sight was suspended but eyes were not destroyed. St. Paul met a magician and a sorcerer at Salamis in Cyprus and Paul applied the Spiritual Enclosure by putting him in blindness until he got transformed (Acts 13:11). Peter did it (Acts 8:21-23), Archangel Gabriel did it with Zechariah (Lk 1:20), King Jehoshaphat did it with 3 groups of armies from 3 nations (2 Chro 20:21-23) and also Jacob did it for himself and for his siblings (Gen 33:3 and 10).

When a person has accepted Bribery from you or is not ready to do anything favourable for you or even your right is denied, do not kill that person or trap that person but instead put that person in the Spiritual Enclosure. Some bribers are being secretly trapped and put in jail which should not be done.

May be a person is living in lust and destroying the family which cannot be disclosed to anyone, we should put that person, your husband, your wife or your children in the Spiritual Enclosure. There is a Spiritual Enclosure available for those persons. You have to immediately apply 7 Prayers to change that person.

There are 7 Groups of people who are destroying the world peace or may stand against you or against the Nation or against humanity. They are destroying the paradise which is promised by Jesus even to the repented criminals (Lk 23:43).

1st Group of people are the terrorists

2nd Group of people are war mongers

3rd Group of people are the persecutors

4th Group of people are the exploiters, cheaters, doers of cybercrimes, the Liars, land grabbers and food adulterers.

5th Group of people are those who do injustice.

6th Group of people are those who accept Bribery.

7th Group of people are those who do black magic, sorcery, spell, curse and devil worship.

When we have an encounter with any or all the 7 Groups of people in our lives, we have to make a spiritual enclosure. Then we should apply the SEP Prayer (SPIRITUAL ENCLOSURE PRAYER) like the Spiritual ICU Prayer that is available in Logos Prayer book – “Infilling of the Holy Spirit” Page 102.

SPIRITUAL ENCLOSURE PRAYER - There are 7 Prayers in this Spiritual Enclosure Prayer that can be administered in order to save the 7 Groups of people from being destroyed. We can help these people to be transformed and saved from the fires of hell. Following are the 7 prayers in SEP.

  1. Consecration Prayer - We have to first consecrate these 7 Groups of people to the Eucharistic heart of Jesus, to the immaculate heart of Mary and to the Divine Mercy Ark (Logos Prayer book Page No.15) .

  2. Prayer for All – We have to pray for every person to get a new heart with the precepts of love, written on it. The prayer for sprinkling of the precious water from heaven so that their stony heart will be removed and they will get a new heart is available (on Page 18).

  3. Protection and Deliverance Prayer - After that you need to have protection. The Protection and Deliverance Prayer (on Page 18 & 19).

  4. Binding and Casting out Prayer - The 4th Prayer you have to do is Binding and Casting out Prayer (Page 103, if that person is in first degree of blood relationship, if not avoid this prayer).

  5. Striking Prayer – Then we have to strike the 7 Groups of people, (in whom the devil has entered and is troubling us), by suspending their faculties of speech, hearing, strength etc, till they are filled with the Holy Spirit and are transformed. Format of the Striking Prayer “Strike them Lord with all seven swords especially with the sword of Elisha, Messiah and St. Gabriel. (7 swords are explained in previous issues of Logos Voice, please refer them).

  6. Blessing Prayer – After the Striking Prayer we have to do the Blessing Prayer for our enemies and those troubling us to stand in favour of us (on Page No.25).

  7. Divine Mercy Chaplet – Finally, we must pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet that is in Page 20, 21, 22 and 23.

When you are surrounded by enemies, these are steps to be done in a systematic way for you to get a wonderful result. “He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them which hated me: for they were too strong for me.” (Psalm 18:17).

Last week we received a Testimony from Ashley Dsouza. He had not filed his IT Returns for 3 years and this document was now required to apply for his Tourist Visa. His Chartered Accountant delayed it for over a month. Ashley started the Striking Prayer and the ICU Prayer for this intention and on the 6th day the job was done.

Supposing a Lawyer is telling only lies after lies about you to protect his client, you will have to apply the 7 Prayers immediately. On the day of procedure in the Court, you have to complete the SEP before you step out for the procedure and continue to do the Striking Prayer.

What is this Striking Prayer? We do not strike the persons but the head of the Satan and Demons entered into human persons. And also, we suspend the human facilities which are highly possessed and utilized by the evil spirits. Satan and demons will be ashamed and not able to use human faculties which are suspended, when we do the striking prayer Striking Prayer. Striking prayer is part of the 7 Prayers of the Spiritual Enclosure Prayer to put the concerned person or group of people inside the Spiritual Enclosure. By doing this, we are praying for them and for their transformation. If somebody or your children or your son or daughter are troubling us, we should make a spiritual enclosure, and put all those people in it and strike the evil in those persons every day one time. It is for their transformation not for destruction. This is done to save our lives and their lives too.

When you are in deep trouble like you are being persecuted, false accusation and cases have been lodged against you or spreading false information about you, you can do this Spiritual Enclosure Prayer as you do the ICU Prayer and within 9 days you will see great transformation in those people. You will see wonderful change in the enemies and there will be an end of evil. Then you will realize that you are blessed and those persons who had been troubling are also blessed and transformed.


Divine worship is promoted for healing and blessings (Ex. 23:25). Every blessing is added towards divine worship. One day all these 7 Groups of people will become Philanthropists and Apostles of Divine Mercy with this great Spiritual Enclosure Prayer. The Lord has blessed us through this Prayer and God has revealed this to us for the salvation of souls.

First, let us consecrate the 7 groups, then pray for all, do the Protection and Deliverance Prayer for ourselves, then Binding and Casting out prayer, then Striking prayer, then Blessing prayer and lastly recite the Divine Mercy Chaplet. One day all illegal court cases filed against you, will turn favourable for you. And all criminals will be saved. People who are standing against you will be transformed. This is our responsibility as we do not want to see any injustice in this world. We do not want to promote bribery or terrorism in this world. We do not want to have war in this world as this is the creation of the devil and we do not need devil worship. In this world we have enough and more resources to be shared by all people. So, we need not to grab the property of others nor encroach the territories of other nations by war or terrorism.

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