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Why We Need Striking Prayer? Is It a Curse or a Blessing!


Striking Prayer is very essential in a time when evil keeps increasing like anything in this world. To transform the enemies and evil doers, Prophet Elisha, Jesus and Archangel St. Gabriel used the Striking Prayers. This is not to be considered as a curse but instead as a great blessing and as well as an act of compassion towards the enemies. Above all, it is a prayer to save souls from falling into Purgatory or even into hell. There are seven types of Swords available for our daily use such as -The Sword of Jacob (Genesis 32: 27 and Genesis 33 : 2 & 10), the Sword of Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20 : 21), the Sword of Elisha (2 Kings : 17 - 18), the Sword of St. Paul (Acts 14 : 3), the Sword of St. Peter (Acts 8 : 21 – 23), the Sword of Archangel St. Gabriel (Luke 1 : 20) and the Sword of Messiah (Acts 26 : 13 & 14). Now let us examine in details the power and the effect of the Elishain Sword, Messianic Sword and the Sword of St. Gabriel.

1. ELISHIAN SWORD (2 Kings 6:17 & 18)

Prophet Elisha had seen a great number of heavenly armies with fiery chariots are already deployed on the mountain by the heavenly Father to destroy the enemies. At that time, the King of Syria sent a troop to attack the kingdom of Israel and destroy the Prayer Centre of Prophet Elisha. In order to save this army, not to be killed by the Angels, Elisha struck them with total physical blindness and led them towards reconciliation and repentance. He served them well and sent them back with a message of peace.

The power of one angel is revealed and manifested in Isaiah 37:36. In those days, an Angel of the Lord spread its wings and moved among the Assyrian camp and killed 1,85,000 soldiers. This is the power of one Angel. Now, millions of Angels are already to fight against these armies. These Angels would have killed the Syrian army if Elisha had not struck them with physical blindness and prevented them from wage a war. By this prophet Elisha save their life.

So, striking our enemies with blindness until they repent, is a divine plan to save their lives. If not, our Guardian Angels would go all out and do the job as it is written in Isaiah 37:36. So, we need to strike our enemies with blindness until they are filled with the Holy Spirit and have repentance. This is just to save their lives.

Format of this prayer- In the name of Jesus, I strike you with sword of Elisha and be blind until you are filled with Holy Spirit. Strike them Lord with blindness. (Please pray ten times and pray one chaplet for them).

2. MESSIANIC SWORD: (John 18:6 and Acts 26:13 &14)

Jesus deprived the physical faculties of the soldiers and allowed them to be fallen on the ground (Jn 18:6). That means these soldiers were deprived of their physical strength by the Word of Jesus. Why did Jesus do this? Jesus wanted to show that He is not the victim of jealousy of his enemies or hatred but He allowed himself to be tortured and killed as a ransom for our redemption (Mathew 20:28). We have to deprive the physical faculties of our enemies if they try to conquer us without our permission. This sword that you can use to conquer a rapist or during the time of crowed attacks (mob attacks).

In another occasion, Jesus used His divine power as a sword. When Jesus was taken to the cliff of the mountain to be pushed out and be killed by His enemies ahead of the appointed time of his death (Luke 4:30). So, Jesus did strike them with blindness and went in His own way. During the time of persecution, we have to use this sword and make our enemies blind in order to protect ourselves and the places of our worship. This act is absolutely right, because, self-protection is a fundamental universal law. So, we have to protect ourselves and others by using this sword.

Another episode where Jesus used the sword as seen in Acts 26:13-14. Saul was going to Damascus to kill all the Christians there. Saul might have been killed by the people in Damascus or an angel would strike him down. Jesus had foreseen this and told Saul that his act of persecution was not at all good for him. It was something like kicking against a spike. It would injure his leg and he would be wounded or even be killed. So, Jesus said “it is not good for you…” (Act 26:14). To save Saul’s life and to transform him as an apostle, Jesus did strike him with blindness (Acts 26:13). So, we should strike our enemies with physical blindness as Jesus did, in order to save their lives and transform them. We also strike enemies with blindness to transform them as a Philanthropists or great apostles. So striking prayer is an act of mercy and blessing.

Format of this prayer- In the name of Jesus, I strike you with sword of Messiah and be blind until you are filled with Holy Spirit. Strike them Lord with blindness. (Please pray ten times and pray one chaplet for them).

3. SWORD OF St. GABRIEL (Luke 1:20)

We have to use this sword to strike our enemies when they speak lies and spread rumours against. Strike the lawyers with this Sword when they say lies against you in the Judicial Court. Then you will get victory in the Court with a fare judgement. It is our right to approach the Judiciary to get justice done for our favour. Jesus appreciated a woman who approached a Judiciary for justice (Luke 18:1 – 8). There is nothing wrong in it.

You are also free to use this Sword against your sons, daughters, partner or anybody who try to tell lies against you or spread rumours through social media or many other different means.

Format of this prayer- In the name of Jesus, I strike you with sword of St. Gabriel and be mute until you are filled with Holy Spirit. Strike them Lord with muteness. (Please pray ten times and pray one chaplet for them).


This act of striking will be counted as an act of charity and mercy when we use these seven swords with great love in our hearts towards enemies. We are allowed to do it in order to save the world from war, persecution and verbal abuse or abuse of media. So everyday please go to your prayer room and strike the enemies of the humanity with seven swords.

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